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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Awesome Weekend!!

Alice, my step-mom, came this weekend and got here Friday night. Saturday poor Tony had to work 12 hours and Alice and I got up and went to the grocery store then organized the stuff from Thursday's shower at Tony's work. I asked what she wanted to do for lunch and she said she wanted to go to Marketplace, where we took her and my dad last time they were here. We got ready and headed to town. We walked in the restaraunt and Alice pointed like she knew where she wanted to sit. I saw this table with a bunch of gifts on it, but people go to this place a lot for gift-giving occasions, so I didn't think much of it until we started walking toward that table. Then I saw my Aunt Judy, Aunt Cherry, and Whitney sitting there!!! I had no idea they were coming! I was SO excited! So we had a little shower and ate and talked. They had brought gifts from the rest of the family, too, but they went completely overboard. This is the first baby in this family in 21 years so everybody is really excited! I am still not over the fact that they drove all the way here! It was awesome!

After the lunch we went to Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Target. We got some stuff to finish up the nursery, which is AWESOME! Alice and the aunts are so creative! We worked all afternoon on the nursery (I was SO tired!) and then met Tony for supper at Casa Mia (MMmmm) The aunts and Whit went back to the hotel and we went home. Everyone headed home Sunday morning. I don't have pictures from everybody else yet (they had cameras at Marketplace and I didn't), but here are some of the nursery. The quilt rack isn't here yet, but it and the quilt will go over the changing table, and step-dad John is making something with children's fishing rods to go over the crib, so those 2 empty spaces on the walls will be filled once Gage is here, but you will have to use your imagination for now.

Looking at the window from the door:

Fish in net over window:

The quilt hanging over the rocker- remember it will be over the changing table eventually.

Changing table with basket underneith:

New book shelf:

Lamp- this was a group effort. The bottom is a pickle jar that Alice brought. Aunt Judy did surgery on the fish to remove the hooks. Whitney and I mixed the water goo and both collected rock from my yard. I think we all took a turn trying to get the fish in the right place. Alice and Aunt Cherry put the scrapbook stickers around the bottom edge of the shade. I LOVE it!

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Ashley said...

The nursery is so cute! You have obviously been working very hard and had some great helpers. Another shower? You have some great friends and family! Gage is very lucky to be born into such a great family. How about some more belly pics? I bet you are just gorgeous!