Welcome to our little space on the net! This blog is just about our family life, and began as a way to keep family and friends updated on what was going on with my pregnancy with our first son, Gage. We've since added Evie to our family, and I continue to blog about family life, car seats, spina bifida, and anything else that catches my attention.

The Kids

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


I wrote all of this last night, but because of the video problem it never posted:

SO happy to be here!!! We got home last night at about 8:00. It was a stressful day, trying to get everyone at the hospital to do what they needed to do for us to go home. We finally got the info from the tests Monday. All were normal except for the VCUG- the bladder test. His bladder is bigger than normal and he doesn't empty it all the way, so he is on antibiotics to prevent infection and we will see the urologist Saturday to find out what will happen next.

Being at home has been easier than I expected, I guess because the NICU was so stressful. Gage hates for his clothes or his diaper to be changed, but other than that and when he's hungry, he is pretty content. He slept in 4 hour stretches last night, which was great. It was awesome to be back in our own bed! It is also SO awesome to be able to see my son whenever I want to and be able to pick him up without worrying about all the stupid wires and monitors.

Gage enjoyed a day of laying on Daddy's chest, swinging, rocking on the back porch, and being cuddled and loved on. He did not enjoy his bath or any diaper change.

Katie has been great! The Qs brought her home to us last night (along with some food for us...MMMmmmm) and she was calmer than I have ever seen her. She has sniffed him a few times and she perks up when he cries, but other than that, she kind of ignores him.

Here is a video of Gage at home in his swing. I looked over and noticed him smiling, so I grabbed the camera to see if I could catch it....and I did. Katie also makes an appearance.

Video was taking forever. I will try to edit and add it in...oh the joys of dial-up!


Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are home!! Katie looks like the big protector of her baby boy :)

Ashley said...

I am so happy that y'all are home! I bet it is such a relief. Your puppy looks like she is going to be a good friend for Gage. :)

Lucky Gem said...

I know it feels good to be home. Can't wait to hear all about the new adventures in parenthood!

nycole said...

hey jessica, its nycole connor's mom. i'm so glad to hear ya'll are home and doing well. the nicu has been a nightmare lately can't wait till i can bring connor home. good luck saturday with the doctor. hope to hear from ya'll soon. and good luck. and congrats with being able to come home.