Welcome to our little space on the net! This blog is just about our family life, and began as a way to keep family and friends updated on what was going on with my pregnancy with our first son, Gage. We've since added Evie to our family, and I continue to blog about family life, car seats, spina bifida, and anything else that catches my attention.

The Kids

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Winding Down

Gage is doing great. He is now off the warmer and in a regular bed- you know, one of those plastic bucket beds. He is nursing through the day and getting a bottle at night. He doesn't seem to mind the difference. The docs are saying we are going home "early this week" and we are counting on Tuesday. He has several tests scheduled Monday.
His Grandma?, Grandpa?(Tony's paren't haven't said what they want to be called), and Great Grandad came yesterday and Grandma held him. MawMaw,PawPaw, and Uncle Nate came back today and all held him.

Here are some pics of my baby boy without that aweful tape on his face. I love the big goofy smile pics!
Edited to add another pic of my boy with clothes on for the 1st time!


cole man said...

hey boy this is your cousin cole. i just wanted to tell you your baby boy looks great and if you wanna contact me cpercil@yahoo.com.

Anonymous said...

SO thrilled you guys will finally get to be at home with Gage!! Such a beautiful little boy!!

Carmen Norris said...

Jessoca and Tony
I am so proud for you guys. I have been keeping up with Gage through Granddad and am so glad he is doing good. Granddad was really excited to get a chance to see him, he called to tell me all about it. Hope to see you guys soon. Take care of that little angel!!!

whitney said...

Is Tony already teaching Gage to "pull his finger?" That picture is cracking me up!!! I love seeing all the pictures!!! Love you, Whitney

Ashley said...

So excited you get to go home this week! Those pictures are absolutely adorable. Love his outfit!

Shanna said...

Aw, Jess! I'm so happy that Gage is almost ready to come home with you and Tony. He looks adorable in his first outfit ever.

Congrats once again!! :)