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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well, Gage has to have surgery again tomorrow for a shunt revision. We went to the pediatrician yesterday and she was concerned about the difference in his head circumference between when we saw her 5 weeks ago and yesterday. Basically he went from the 25th percentile to the 97th. She thought surely the one from 5 weeks ago was an error, so I called the spina bifida clinic when we got home to see what they had gotten. Sure enough, it was right on with the ped's measurements. They asked how he was acting and if he was showing any signs, which I didn't think he was, so she scheduled us to come in Tuesday. After Tony and I started talking and thinking about it, we weren't comfortable waiting that long and we thought maybe he was having some of the signs, so I called first thing this morning and they got us in. Gage had a head CT and x-rays of his shunt. They showed that the shunt was not broken anywhere, but that it wasn't working correctly. Dr. O said that there was probably a piece of tissue in the end of the catheter in his head. We are waiting to hear what time the surgery will be tomorrow. He will be the 2nd one and Dr. O said he thinks it will be sometime around 11am. He'll have to spend the night and we think he can come home Saturday. This is a really common surgery, and while no surgery is ever "no big deal", this is a pretty minor one.

We'll update sometime after surgery.

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Lucky Gem said...

No matter how minor, I know you will be anxiously waiting to see him when it's over. Let us know how it goes. We don't go back to Children's until Jan. 3 for Ryan's last laser treatment, then in March for excision of the fatt tissue. I'll be a nervous wreck for that one!