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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Holiday

I have a proposition to make. Let's get rid of Christmas. It's a stressful time of year and we already have Thanksgiving, and Christmas makes everyone lose their minds anyway, so lets just get rid of it. I propose that we make a new holiday in July. I know we already have the 4th, but it's not a real holiday-we need something more substantial. This new holiday will last all month so nobody has to fit all of the family functions into one day. We will give gifts, but they will all be travel vouchers so we get to go somewhere cool but don't have to spend hours fighting the crowds in the stores to buy some meaningless gift that will live out its remaining years stuffed in the back of the recipient's closet. We can still have the big family meal, because I like that part, but since the festivities will last all month we won't have to make it to everyone's house in the span of one week. We can decorate our houses with things representing the trips we have taken in the past-we can even have ornaments if that makes everybody happy. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

In Fincher news-well, there's really not much. I video taped some deer in our yard Saturday. Unfortunately, I can't get the video to upload on our slow connection. If anyone has any pull with the techie types, we need wireless internet out here...or even cable internet would be nice. It would make things SO much easier!

Yesterday was my birthday but we are celebrating today since Tony is off. This will be the last one for me since it's #29, so I guess I better enjoy it.

We have gotten a lot of our Christmas shopping done (for the last time if this July thing catches on!) but we don't have a tree, we don't have any of our decorations up, and I haven't wrapped a single present. Christmas for us will begin next week with the arrival of Scott and Allison and go through Dec. 29 with the Ford Rendevouz, with Finchers, Armstrongs, and Fords all in between.

Last bit of news- we had our first cry-free car day yesterday. Granted, it was just a little running around in Greenbrier, but it's new nonetheless. We almost made it Sunday- he didn't cry to or from church in the morning, and didn't cry to church or to the restaraunt after church, but he cried all the way home from there. You would think we would be used to it by now, but it still makes me crazy to have to listen to him scream for so long. He always has little tears in his eyes and is sobbing when we get home. It also makes his shunt drain because crying increases the pressure so much, so his head is always sunken in too, which is not pretty. Well, I guess that's about it! I'll leave you with some pics!


Lucky Gem said...

Wait, can we still have the fireworks in July? My favorite holiday is July 4th, followed by my birthday the 6th.
Loved actually seeing your face in a picture with Gage.
Also, I haven't wrapped any presents either. It's hard with Ryan, she's into EVERYTHING and such a ham about it!

Courtney said...

Jess! You look beautiful!! Gage is filling out and SO darling as always! Merry Christmas (and I LOVE your new holiday idea :)!!

Bessie said...

Late Happy Birthday, Jessimica... can't wait to see ya'll but hate to think about how much fun you'll have in the car getting to Aberdeen. Maybe the cryless car trip is a good omen for things to come. Love to you all....

Jessica said...

Oh yeah! We can still have fireworks! Once a week all month, in fact!

WHAT'S NORMAL? said...

Jessica - in honor of your 29th -- Here's a rap song sung to the tune of The Sound of Music's "High on the Hill was a Lonely Goater".

Yo Jessie gal, your a red hot mama - (Chorus) Happy Birthday, sorry we were late Boo Hoo
Gage in the car causes mama trauma (Repeat Chorus)

Yay Hoo, you still have a long way
Yah hoo, We can't wait to see you
Yah Hoo, I am 29 too Yodle Yodle lay he hoo..........

We love you.

Steph said...

What cutie!

I too have stacks of gifts waiting to be wrapped. I have decided this year that EVERYTHING is going into a box...to keep my son from poking his fingers into them, and trick my daughter when she tries to shake, feel, & guess!

MaeMae said...

The fireworks can stay in because (1) they are also one of my favorites and (2)the 4th does fall in the month of July. Your idea of Christmas in July is sold! I would love getting us all together in the same place where we are free to see new places, visit with each other, escape to your own bed at night and it would be warm not "coat weather" which is a another plus. There are some thoughts that Christmas trees, etc., are pagan so let's just get on with honoring Him every day and then celebrate Loving each other in July. I love you, too.

Adalynn said...

I am loving the pictures that you have added. Gage is huge, he is growing so fast. He looks great!! I am totally on bored with the new holiday idea. We are going to 6 Christmas' however, we have managed to spread them out over 3 days. And we have eliminated some of them. What kills us is the family that wants to celebrate Christmas like 5 times. We can only see each family one time!!! Why don't they understand?

Uncle cussin Dave said...

From Nebraska:
I'm dreaming of a white Festivus,
Just like the one for the restivus.
Where the snow plows rumble,
and old men grumble,
and try to remember why they are still up here.