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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas festivities

So it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Gage actually did reasonably well in the car, so it wasn't so miserable. We had a good time with family and Gage got to meet lots of folks that love him.Gage riding in the carWe spent one night with my mom then went to my Dad's on Christmas Eve. We had a good time. We stopped off at the hospital where Alice works and let her introduce Gage to the co-workers that were there (many were already off). It was nice to meet the people that had been praying for us and knew all about Gage. After that, we all went to eat at Steak and Shake and all got Egg Nog Shakes...MMMMmm, then went to my dad's house...well, after a feeding stop since Gage was not happy. Uncle Dusty was there already. We just hung out and talked, I think...can't really remember.

Christmas Daywe got up and opened presents. This is something I haven't done with my dad since I was really little. We spent one Christmas morning with him one year, but it was because we couldn't get home due to icy roads. We had already had our "Christmas". We had no power that year because of the ice and ended up at Waffle House for Christmas dinner since nothing else was open...anyway, back to this year...It was a nice day. We ate these sausage star things for breakfast ("Mozella Wong Tongs"). We got a all-in-one photo printer (AWESOME!) and a jogging stroller as well as some clothes and toys for Gage. Aunt Rachel down that afternoon. She made us a scrapbook of Gage which is really cool. I'm going to have to get into scrapbooking so I can keep it up. Alice showed me how to knit a hat on a round loom thing, so I did that some.Wednesday we went to Huntsville to shop a little. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought enough flannel to make 4 ring slings- 3 for gifts and 1 for myself. We also got some yarn so I can make some hats here at home. I plan to send them to Children's Hospital for the Knitting for Noggins program they have. When Gage was in the NICU they sent him to surgery with a hand-made hat on, but we lost it before we came home. Anyway, Rachel and I felt sick in the car- we took our Explorer and I sat in the 3rd row...bleh! That night I got a major pain right up under my ribs and couldn't do anything about it. It's the same I had when Gage was in the hospital in Nov. and Alice thinks it may be gall bladder related. I sure hope not! I only ate crackers until supper the next day, when I ate grilled chicken and a baked potato. It felt like REALLY bad indigestion. Anyway, we had started the slings, and Alice finished 2 of them that night while I was in bed, and I finished the other 2 the next morning. I am really proud of them! I think they're great! The material is a little grabby and hard to move through the rings, but at the same time, secure feeling since it doesn't slide. I probably also should have gotten large rings instead of medium, but I'll know better next time.
So, Thursdaywe got up and loaded up. We took pics of Gage on my dad's bike, then left for my mom's. We had Christmas there and Gage got an Exersaucer. Tony got a potato cannon, which was promptly camo'd and shot. It was a big hit! We went to eat at the fish house that night and the boys overdosed on chocolate goo. I was afraid to eat much due to the aforementioned stomach issues.

Friday we went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house (Gage's great-grandparents) and they and my aunts drooled over Gage as it was the 1st time for them to meet him. We just hung out and ate, mostly.

Saturday we spent the day with my Dad's family (his siblings and their spouses and kids) which is always really fun. We had Mexican food, which was really good and a welcomed reprieve from holiday food. They all loved Gage. My male cousins were the funniest. We haven't had a baby in the family in 21 years so they aren't used to babies.

Sunday we went to church and that afternoon we left Gage with MawaMaw and PawPaw for a couple of hours (I cried) and me, Tony, and my 2 brothers went to see I Am Legend. It was just okay. I wasn't expecting a zombie movie. Gage was good, but required "walking" for some of the time. I got sick again that night, but I am not sure it was the same as before. I ended up breaking out in hives and had to take a benedryl...not sure why that happened. We got up Monday morning and came home! It was nice to be back at home. As much as I love my family, it's always good to be back in my own bed.

Today Tony worked and me and Gage tried to get things back in order...we failed miserably. We watched the last quarter of the Razorbacks getting slaughtered by Missouri in the Cotton Bowl. Sad...very sad. I attempted to give Gage a bottle for the first time since he was about a month old and he was having none of that. Tony tried again after he got home and I think he took less than an ounce. We will keep working on it, though. I have this fear that something will happen to incapacitate me, even if temporarily, and Gage will starve. Besides that, it would be nice to be able to go out without him and not be watching the clock the whole time.

This is just a cute pic I wanted to share...

Watching football with Daddy

Next I'll post Gage's 4 month pic with the tiger that we just got a chance to take today (he was 4 months old Dec 28), but that may be tomorrow.


Ashley said...

Sounds like y'all did about as much driving as us! Glad you had a good Christmas. Gage is getting so big! We were cheering for the Razorbacks yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Busy, busy! I'm sure it was fun, but probably glad to be home. I know I was glad for last week to be over. We were exhausted! We're headed to Children's tomorrow!

Emmilu said...

Glad you all had a nice Christmas (except for your sickness). Gage is growing like a weed, and his face looks like it is getting some personality! He is such a cutie!