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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Storm Tuesday

Whew! That was a rough hour or 2 we had Tuesday night. We had some very severe weather come through our area and it was touch-and-go for a while there. There were confirmed tornadoes on the ground about 30 miles north of us in Clinton and some major damage in Atkins, where I used to work. My SLP friend said that school was open yesterday but many kids weren't there and that the National Guard had set up at the high school. I talked to someone at Pottsville yesterday and it sounds like everyone I know is okay. From what the news said, Atkins had heavier, more localized damage and Clinton had more widespread but not as severe damage. Gassville, a little town in North Central Arkansas is said to be gone completely. Mom, who lives near Memphis, said that my brother got out of school early because of the weather. I am glad we went to Children's in the morning and weren't out in the storm! It was crazy. They showed the radar with the line stretching northeast to southwest across the state. There were those circle things indicating rotation all along that line. That storm plowed all the way across Arkansas and still had plenty of steam to go at least 1/2 way across Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama still spawning tornadoes the whole way. I saw a picture of Union University, in Jackson- wow. Major damage. I heard that the total death toll was near 50. This picture was taken from www.katv.com and is a viewer picture of the tornado in Atkins. Amazing.

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Ashley said...

Those storms were horrible! We just got a lot of rain up here. Glad everyone is okay!