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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latex allergy

Well, we think we confirmed that Gage is indeed allergic to latex. Last night, Tony came home from work and Gage was still in just his diaper. He picked Gage up and a few minutes later we noticed almost perfect hand prints around Gage's torso where Tony had picked him up. It was red and bumpy. Tony had washed his hands before leaving work, so it wasn't anything he had gotten on him there, but then we realized that his steering wheel cover probably had latex in it. I guess it's never been a problem because up until now, Gage was always clothed or Tony washed his hands at home.

Here are some quick facts about spina bifida and latex allergies taken from the Spina Bifida Association website (www.sbaa.org):

-research studies have shown that up to 73% of children and adolescents with Spina Bifida are sensitive to latex

-Synthetic latex (man made, such as latex paint) is not a threat because it is not made of natural rubber

-Although the cause of latex allergy in individuals with Spina Bifida is not known, it is theorized that sensitization has developed because of the early, intense, and constant exposure to rubber products through repeated surgeries, diagnostic tests and examinations, and bladder and bowel programs.

-People who have allergic reactions to latex may also be allergic to certain foods, including: bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, avocados and kiwi fruit.)

-Healthcare items which may contain latex: gloves, catheters, tourniquets, elastic bandages, ace bandages, IV tubing injection ports, medication vial stoppers, adhesive tape, bandaids.

-Home/community item which may contain latex: balloons, pacifiers, rubber bands, elastic in clothing, beach toys, Koosh balls, baby bottle nipples, diapers, art supplies.


Ashley said...

Oh, not fun! Can it get serious?

Whitney said...

Bless his heart!!! Miss and love you guys! Whitney

Caryn said...

My goodness, you learn something new everyday! It's weird how much we look at things differently when we learn of something like that!

In response to your question about my trip, we actually will be able to bring more back with us...weird, I know. Last trip, Deanna bought another suitcase while they were there to bring back souveniers in. So, that shouldn't be an issue.