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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Testing, Testing 1-2-3

So, today we're having a test run of the BumGenius one-size cloth diapers that I ordered from another mom on Diaper Swappers. So far so good! They are really soft and SO cute! Gage weighed 24.5lbs today, by my scale, and these are supposed to fit to 37lbs- I don't see that happening! They really fit him well now. I have been inspired to try cloth by her. She was asked by a reader about her CDing experience. She has taken the last 3 or 4 entries to do that and I thought it sounded doable. If you want to know about CDing, then visit her blog. She's done a good job explaining it over the last few posts.
Then I started cruising around DS and other CDing sites and just decided to order a few and see how it went. I also want to try "prefolds"...basically what most people think of when you say "cloth diaper". You don't have to use pins now, though. I am going to try a snappi (kinda like an Ace Wrap fastener) and also a cover that you don't have to use a fastener with. The ones I'm getting have velcro. I posted about this on another site and a friend offered to send me a bunch of stuff to try for FREE! So, that's what I am going to do. I think I could do it. I would love to be able to because they are SO cheap! Here are a couple of pics of Gage in his new drawers:

Excuse the nasty remnants of graham crackers in his mouth. Yuck!


Courtney said...

I totally wish that I had tried cloth diapers...too bad that Dex only has a few more months and then he is getting the "Potty-Watch" :) Good job for trying this out!

Ashley said...

I've heard these are pretty cool too:

Emmilu said...


Casey said...

I have used Bum Genius 2.0 one size for both the boys. Gavin is 2 and 26 lbs and fit him well. Dylan is 15 months and 20.5 lbs and fit him great too. I love them!!!! I am going to get on Diaper Swappers to see what I can do to get more. Right now I have a total of 30 diapers. I want more though.


Casey said...

Just a follow-up on what Ashley said about gdiapers.. I have a few.. I can get disposibles for half the price per of the flushing inserts... yes, more green.. but soooooo much more expensive.


Kayla said...

Wow another cd'ing mama in Arkansas (you are in AR right?) they are hard to come by, when I was cding my son people would look at me crazy. My son's pediatrician did like them though...
we are now potty training though FINALLY he will be two in July. I loved buying cd's and putting them on him, he's a heavy wetter, so we couldnt do cloth at night it didn't matter WHAT i put on him he would leak and daycare doesn't allow cloth @@(eye roll). You can also go on the AOL message boards theirs a classified ads board mainly for selling cd's! The mama's there are GREAT!
Good luck