Welcome to our little space on the net! This blog is just about our family life, and began as a way to keep family and friends updated on what was going on with my pregnancy with our first son, Gage. We've since added Evie to our family, and I continue to blog about family life, car seats, spina bifida, and anything else that catches my attention.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things that make me Happy

Today was a good day. Here are the things that made me happy today:

*Hanging out with the hubby, who is off for a week.

*Buying a king-size mattress set...a $4000 set that was dirtied on the edges in shipping that we bought for $800. There is a little place here and the guys buys truckloads of "damaged" brand name mattress sets. He had just gotten this one and hadn't put a sticker on it yet and told us $799 before he looked. The sticker said $999 when he pulled it out, but he had already told us$799 with a free frame, so we took it! It is AWESOME!!! It's a Sealy pillowtop, but I forget the line name.

*finding good BBQ really cheap. We have lived in this town for 3 years and never stopped at this little dive right on the highway. We finally did today and got all-you-can-eat ribs for $7.99. MMMMMmmmmm. Conway and Greenbrier folks, you must try Backwoods BBQ! I'll review the AYCA fish after supper tomorrow night :) My hands still smell like BBQ

*good naps- I got another sling made today while Gage napped and then he woke up really happy. He has also kinda fallen into a sleep pattern at night that I can live with. He goes to bed between 9 and 1o (wish it was a little earlier) and wakes up once around 5 to eat, then back to sleep until at least 8.

*Gage is scheduled for a PT eval for next Tuesday. When he was born and they were telling us all the things we needed to do, I was very protective and didn't want to hear about any special services. I felt stupid because I am an OT and it didn't make sense that I didn't want my son treated. I just wanted to take him home and have everyone leave us alone and just let us be a normal family. Anyway, since then things have changed and I am really looking forward to it now. The PT he is going to see is really good. She sees a friend's little boy with spina bifida and used to work in the SB clinic at Children's, so she knows what she is doing. I also think he's doing really well developmentally, but want a standardized eval and professional opinion on that.

*Gage and I are going with Tony next week to a work thing in Hot Springs. It's not all that exciting, but it's a night away on the company bill!

*Gage and I are leaving for Destin in 2 weeks! I really wish Tony could go, too, but he's working all week. We're staying in a super nice place for FREE! I think we are going to spend the night with my Dad in AL on the way to break up the trip and meet up with everybody to try to take fewer cars.

ETA: How could I forget to add *a clean closet!!! I totally cleaned out and rearranged my closet yesterday and it looks better than it ever has! I realized this when I went in it to get ready for bed last night. Our closet is HUGE- we always joked that when we had a baby it could just live in there-but that just leaves more room for it to get junked up.


Anonymous said...

Let me know how it goes in Destin. We're going in August. We've gone every year since 2001, except last year. This is a first with a toddler....

Emmilu said...

Sounds like a lot to be happy about! I love having Brian home when he takes time off. He usually takes my fall and spring breaks along with the week between Christmas and new year's. We have fun! Hope you have fun in Destin, and that your PT visit goes well. I think that you guys have needed this time to adjust to having a new baby without having all of the other stuff going on. And Gage seems to be doing just fine!! So, hopefully it will go really well!