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The Kids

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ER visit

Subtitle: Everything's O.K.! (thanks, Emily!)

I had a poor sick baby for a few days! He started acting strange Saturday- he just wanted to lay on me and not visit with his Maw Maw, Paw Paw, or Uncle Nate. Sunday he started running fever. His soft spot was bulging and he vomited a time or 2. I was worried. The other factor is that his urologist has just taken him off of antibiotics. The 2 likely causes for his fever and sluggishness were a shunt malfunction or a UTI- neither are good. I took him to his pediatrician Monday. Being the cautious doc that she is, she looked him over and said we needed to go to the ER at Children's. His urine was clear, but his head was concerning. So off we went. My brother Nathan is here for 2 weeks and Tony was at work, so Tony met us there. We were taken right back to a room, but then had to wait for a CT. They took his temp and it was 103.4- the highest it's ever been. They gave him Tylanol and eventually his fever broke and he was obviously feeling better. We finally went for a CT and shunt series (Gage did not enjoy either at all!). When we walked back into the ER to go wait the attending doc said that he thought it all looked good, but that the radiologist would look at it and confirm that. The radiologist agreed, so then they took blood to see if there was any other infection indicated. I was so impressed with the nurse. She stuck him ONCE and got enough blood. I don't know if that has ever happened! As usual, I told her that he was a difficult stick, and instead of blowing me off and sticking him multiple times before getting help, she went right for the vein finder. Good nurse! Anyway, his blood was clear too, so the diagnosis is that he just had a virus. YAY! So, now I have to apologize to everyone that I exposed because I thought it was a non-contagious problem. If you get sick, you can blame me!


Ashley said...

Glad he is alright! Sick babies are never fun. Hope he gets better quickly!

Joye said...

sounds scary! glad everything is ok.

Emmilu said...

You should have titled that post "ER visit, but everything's OK". I was all worried and had to read to the end to see that he is OK! Glad it's just a bug!

Adalynn said...

OH my goodness. I am sure that no one will be mad if they get sick. They should just be happy to have his cute little germs! I am glad everything is okay.