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Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't judge a book by it's cover

Or a hotel by its hallway. We went with Tony to Mountain Home Tuesday night and stayed 2 nights. We stayed at the Ramada Inn even though we could have stayed at a more expensive place (company payed) because it has an indoor pool and it would give Gage and me something to do while Tony worked. It also has a hot breakfast, which is always a plus. The front of the hotel looks brand new, and, I'm not so sure that the lobby isn't a recent addition. We checked in, got our key, and headed to the room. We drove around to the side and the downstairs rooms had doors to the outside and had rock walls...hummm. Then we got lost. It isn't set up like your typical new hotel. On our little detour we got to see the HUGE pool and the meeting room. The meeting room was neat looking with street-lamp style lights. The hallways seemed kind of wide and had low ceilings with white wood paneling. I was getting worried. We finally found our room and it was clean and the bed was soft. Whew. There were some things that gave it away as old, but they did a good job of making it comfortable, so I didn't care.

The next day, we ate breakfast, which was in the Western Sizzlin connected to the lobby, and it was good. Later, Gage and I went down to the pool. It was empty, so we had the whole HUGE thing to ourselves. It is 9 feet deep in the deep end! When was the last time you saw a 9 foot deep hotel pool? It's surrounded by indoor/outdoor carpet, which is YUCK in my opinion, and the pool itself needs a paint job on the bottom, which makes it look dirty.

Overall I was glad we picked this hotel. I am sure some pickier patrons would be upset, but I kind of liked that it wasn't just like every other chain hotel you ever see.

This is the pool area. Notice the streetlight things. I thought they were kinda cool.The pool
Forgot to mention the putting green. How weird is that?

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Ashley said...

Looks very unique! Sounds like y'all had a good time. :)