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The Kids

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Attoning for Sins

The mailbox murderers have been CAUGHT! My other neighbor-victim caught them and alerted their step-dad/uncle. We are home this Sunday afternoon, and we intentionally closed the garage and left Katie outside so it looked like we were gone. We heard Katie bark, but didn't hear the roar of a 4-wheeler or truck so we kind of ignored her. A few minutes later, Tony walked outside to check the mail that we forgot ( I think he just needed to check the box) and came back in in a rage. He ran to get his shoes and keys and jumped in his truck to try to catch them...oh how they lucked out. Our neighbor and a man I don't know were parked at the end of my driveway. Tony went out to talk to them and I went to get Gage. When I walked up, it was obvious that this man knew the kids that were doing it. He was info gathering and apologizing. His step-son and nephew have been riding their horses down this way every Sunday afternoon for about a month and have been roping our mailbox.

This guy just came back with his wife (boy#1's mother), his brother and sister in-law (boy #2's parents) and the 2 guilty ropers. These people are all cowboy types- very respectful and obviously hard-working. The boys looked SCARED. They are only 12 or 13...we were expecting big older teens, but these guys are tiny little things. They fessed up and their parents offered their services to us as restitution- whatever physical labor we could think up, on top of replacing the mailbox, of course. He even noticed our downed tree in the front yard and said that would be a good start. He offered to pay for everything we have spent thus far and we let them know that we weren't interested in getting anything from the parents...the boys working it off is much more desirable to us. I may just go take their pictures while they work in our yard so yall can see the perps.

It's all kinda funny to me now. I am so relieved that they have been caught and I am glad it's scared little boys instead of big mean boys that are likely to retaliate at getting caught.


Ashley said...

Great news! So glad the parents are making them responsible for their actions. That's kinda rare these days!

Jennifer Rowland said...

Okay, seriously...roping your mailbox? That's pretty creative and funny. Only in AR does one have to worry about having their mailbox roped to the ground! I'm glad that you're putting their butts to work and that their parents actually wanted you to, rather than blaming you for having a mailbox that looked too much like a steer!

Joye said...

I am sooo happy you caught the little devils. :) start making a lit of chores for them. Be sure to put some pooper scooper duty on the list. hehehe

Emmilu said...

Glad you caught them! I'm impressed that their parents are making them take responsibility. So many parents just take it with a grain of salt. Good for them!