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Monday, January 5, 2009

Long overdue!

Wow, this was a busy holiday season! Sorry it's been so long since I updated! Gage is watching Baby Signing Time right now, so I have a few minutes.

I apparently didn't use my camera the entire time :( so I will wait for my lovely family to send me pics.
We started by going to my mom's house the weekend before Christmas and exchanged gifts with Mom, John, Nate, Dusty, and Rachel. Rachel got a brand new camera for Christmas, so I will be anxiously awaiting the pics she snapped ;).

Saturday we went down to my Grandma and Grandpa's for the Armstrong Christmas. It was so good to see everyone. Gage enjoyed all of the attention and business. Our Christmas again included guns and destruction of property. There was target practice the traditional way, and then chunking various objects at a rotting pumpkin...interesting. I got some video but am having trouble getting the software from my camcorder reloaded after the Vista reinstall.

Dusty, Rachel and Nate came to our house Tuesday and stayed through Friday. The guys had a bottle rocket fight Wed. night, but it was cold so Rachel and I ended up back inside. Dad and Alice came Thursday and we opened gifts together.

We spend a good part of our time with them shopping at furniture stores and antique malls to find chairs for my dining room table. We were finally successful! My table is Queen Ann style. It's a really pretty, nice, big table and I love it, but it's not what I am usually drawn to or what is most common in the stores these days, so I was having a hard time finding chairs that matched but also fit my style. These are perfect (well except for the one with the messed up finish). While we were out we also found this rug, which I love! It's brand new and still had the original tags on it. The person that had it changed their color scheme before they ever put it down.

That's not the case for the huge rug that Dad and Alice found for their dining room. We laid it out in the driveway to vacuum...and vacuum and vacuum and vacuum some more. I dumped my bagless 5 times and probably could have kept going. We figure they lived in Saudi Arabia and used it outside or something. Crazy!

We have really enjoyed having our family around these last couple of weeks. I guess now we have to get back to the routine (therapy starts back tomorrow!). We are both bound and determined to be healthier in this new year. We are back on a strict Weight Watchers program today.

So Happy New Year to you all! I'll try to do a better job at keeping up!

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Ashley said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! Good luck with the Weight Watchers. It's works if you stick to it! I will be back on it after Maggie gets here. But for now I had McDonalds for dinner!