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Friday, January 16, 2009

True Fit on Sale!

The First Years True Fit convertible car seat is on sale for $162 at Target.com with free shipping! That's a great price on that seat! This link shows the Casino, but the other colors are on sale for the same price.

The True Fit rear faces to 35lbs and has lots of RF leg room for toddlers. Gage's feet just touch the vehicle seat. Unlike many converible seats, it is also good for newborns because it has low bottom harness slots and nice infant padding. Since the harness must come out at or below a rear-facing baby's shoulders, most convertibles are too tall for newborns.

It forward faces to 65lbs and has high top harness slots, a tall shell, and a 7 year expiration compared to the usual 6, making it one of the most long-lasting convertible car seats available.
It's very cushy and comfy with features usually found on more expensive seats (no-rethread harness, built-in lockoffs, LATCH clips that are the same as Britax uses, deep side wings, cup holder :) )
Just thought someone might need a new seat and needed a good deal!

I will just take this opportunity to plug extended rear-facing again. Studies show that it is 5 times safer than forward facing because of the protection it provides the neck. Joel's Journey is my new favorite link on rear-facing. This little boy was severely injured when his spinal cord was stretched in a crash. If he had been rear-facing, he probably would have walked away unhurt. His grandpa has created this page and Joel now rides in a Swedish seat that allows RF up to 55lbs (kids in Sweeden commonly ride RF to age 4 or 5). It might not be the norm, but Gage will remain RF in his True Fit until he reaches 35lbs, whether that happens in 2 more months or 2 more years.


Courtney said...

That is SO interesting! Thank you for sharing that. I really had no idea. Wow. I will remember that for next time (both my boys LOVE being FF...Rrrr, wish I could change that now).
Happy New Year, girl!!!

Emmilu said...

Thanks, Jess!! We are debate on whether to get an infant seat this time or just go straight to a convertable..