Welcome to our little space on the net! This blog is just about our family life, and began as a way to keep family and friends updated on what was going on with my pregnancy with our first son, Gage. We've since added Evie to our family, and I continue to blog about family life, car seats, spina bifida, and anything else that catches my attention.

The Kids

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tony!

He's 29 this year (for real...not like my 29) and he is now sitting in the living room playing Donkey Kong on the Super Nintendo...

Thank you to his parents for raising him the way they did. I could not ask for a better husband and father. Gage and I are so blessed!'

Here is Gage enjoying the beater from the cake that Nana made for Daddy.

And here are our trophies from Saturday.


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a yummy cake. :)

Emmilu said...

Happy Birthday Tony!!

Aunt Bessie said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hood, Happy Birthday to you...... I know with your demented steppie-in-law you already know the rest of that Little Rascal's birthday song. Happy day to all of you!