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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a CPST!

Last week I took a 5 day course to become a Child Passenger Safety Technician. It was SO much fun! I found out that the AR State Medical Board has approved the course for OT continuing ed, so I am done with my hours for the year FOR FREE! YAY! Saturday was the end of the course, and the public car seat check event. It was sponsored by State Farm and held in the Dillard's parking lot of McCain Mall in Little Rock. Getting your seat checked by a tech is FREE and SO worth it. There was not a car that came through that didn't need some sort of help. I think we only saw one or 2 that we didn't hand out new seats to due to the seat being recalled, expired, damaged, or inappropriate for the child's weight, height, or age. The misuse rate nationwide is between 80-90%. Here in Arkansas, it's 90% or above. Everyone Saturday definitely left safer than they arrived. I look forward to participating in future seat checks and will hopefully take the special needs class for next year's CEUs.

So moms, dad, and grandparents, if you haven't already, find a local CPST and get your seat checked!!! A good CPST will show you how to install your seat, then will uninstall it and make you do it. We're not car seat installers, but educators. We want YOU to be able to do it and do it correctly every time that seat is used. You can find a tech here.


Ashley said...

Awesome! I can tell you are pretty passionate about it.

Emmilu said...

Yea Jess!! That's great! I like to think that mine are installed correctly, but I guess most people think that. I need to have ours checked!

Andrea and Addie said...

Great Job! I had our first seat checked by the police department and he showed me some great pointers! It really upsets me when I see babies in old seats. Handy me downs are great but not with carseats!