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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Wicked Fun Weekend

Thursday morning, Gage and I got in the car and headed East to Nashville, TN. I dropped him off with his great Uncle Mitch and Uncle Steve, and the Ford girls + some headed to eat and then to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. We got there just in time. It was AWESOME!!! I am a big Wizard of Oz fan and didn't know very much about Wicked, but it's about the witches of Oz- their back story. I will never watch The Wizard of Oz the same way again.

Gage and I spent the night with the Mitchells and then headed down to Pulaski, to Dad and Alice's house. He had a birthday present when we got there- a purple and gray wagon (GO BEARS!) that will soon be rigged to be pulled by Dad and Alice's new family member, Chance, a husky. For the weekend it was pulled by one of us or the lawn mower :).

Dusty, Rachel, and Tater got there Saturday and we all went shopping in Decatur/Huntsville, although not together. The girls and Gage were on a mission to decorate Evie's room. We were wildly successful. The guys...well, they did guy stuff- guns and Gander Mountain...stuff like that. We met up to eat ribs at Dreamland.

Here's my haul from Saturday:

The stock photo of the bedding set. I got the 4 piece set- comforter, sheet, bed skirt, and bumper. I have found it listed for $130 all over the internet. I bought it for $25!!!

The butterflies- there are 2 big ones and 10 small ones:
The flowers. 5 big flowers, 1 hanger, 2 ceramic tiles.

All of the Ford family, minus Richard, Kathy, Tony, and Parker came over Monday for food, games, and just enjoying being together. As always, it was fun, but too short. We played a game called Corn Hole- so fun, but not as easy as it looks. I understand Reid is making these boards to sell if anyone wants a set.
Some pics from Monday. Thanks to Erin for posting some of these on FB so I could save them! I didn't take nearly enough!

Gage and Grumpy:

Aunt Cherry and Uncle Gary

Cousin Whitney and Paul- to be married next May

Cousin Erin and Steve 3- to be married Sept 2010

Cousin Reid and Erin

Whitney and Reid playing Corn Hole

My form

MMmmm Cup cakes!

Chance "protecting" Gage

Gage, Paul, and Boudain
Me, Gage, and Lola

Dusty getting ready for potato cannon carnage- I think the styrofoam airplane was shot down

Alice and Chance

Gage and Cousin Brock reading a book

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Ashley said...

Love the bedding and the awesome price! Looks like a fun weekend.