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Friday, October 2, 2009

I don't have anything very specific to blog about- I just haven't updated in a while. I wanted to leave that ACH voting thing up for a while (you can still vote! ACH is currently in 1st!).

Tony got to go to the Cowboy's game Monday night and had a good time. He said their seats were really high up, but they could see everything thanks to the 60 yard long big screen. I was glad he got to go and got to be there for the 1st Cowboys win in the new stadium.

My mom came over while he was gone and we moved the queen sized bed into Gage's room. He looks so tiny in that big thing! He's done well in it, though. He did meet me in the living room at 1:30am the other night, but I've put pool noodles under his sheets, so maybe that will discourage him from getting out of bed anymore.

Dusty, Rachel, and Nate are headed this way today. Dusty is going to meet some folks in the Natural Resources office in Conway, and Rachel is going to visit UCA's OT department. We would LOVE it if they could move over here, but we're not holding our breath yet. Nate's just coming along for the ride.

Gage is doing great in PT. He is taking up to 7 steps in a row now! He's been singing a lot lately- usually Signing Time songs, and occasionally his version of the ABCs, which goes about A-F now. He still thinks counting to 10 is fun...guess we ought to introduce him to 11-20 soon.

He has started doing one thing that I do not like. He is definitely a mama's boy. He is fine being with people he knows well by himself, but if he is with someone new or someone he doesn't know well, he is okay for a while and then realizes that I'm not there and starts crying. I thought we had dodged this phase, but apparently not. He did this in Bible class Wednesday night- which is really weird, because he loves Bible class. I think it's just because his regular teacher wasn't there and that I handed him over to her before we were actually in the classroom.

Since blogs without pictures are boring, here are a few recent ones.

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Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

I am so happy to see him standing...My poor girl can't yet...not sure if she will. I have so much to update on but haven't felt like it... maybe it's because it isn't all good news. Hmmmm...I will update before the end of today.