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The Kids

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is the 2nds post today, so if you missed my Evie picture dump, go back a post.

So Thursday afternoon, we left with the Lipp family to go to Branson for a few days. We rented pretty big house near Silver Dollar City and really looked forward to getting away for a few days, even if it was "just" Branson. We got to the house, dumped our stuff, and headed for Wal-Mart and to find somewhere to eat. We had 2 cars with a GPS each, and neither one could find the Supercenter that was supposed to be within 5 miles of the house, so we ended up at the "regular" Wal-Mart in Branson. I felt terrible. One of the joys of vacation is eating at cool places, and I had to leave the food section of Wal-Mart because it was making me sick. We went to eat and well, I didn't. That night, Gage had a diaper blow-out so the next day we did laundry.

Friday, I still didn't feel well, but it was vacation and I was going to have fun if it killed me. So we went to SDC. It was a horrible SDC day. We thought we'd eat before we went in because it'd be cheaper, so we stopped at Pizza Hut. We were the first ones there. It took the girl 20 minutes to get us drinks and 20 minutes after that we still didn't have food. The Lipps finally got a pizza, but ours still wasn't out and we didn't want to wait on it, so we canceled our order and drove through McDonald's next door. We missed the show we wanted to see. The rides we wanted to ride were closed when we got to them. Gage screamed and clawed Tony on the entire 20 minute train ride because the whistle scared him. Evie didn't really like it either, so she cried. Gage cried on the kiddie rides (and I thought he'd love them). Ally got lost due to an incompetent ride worker who told her to get off the ride and go get her mommy. It was just a disaster day.

Throwing mulch in the water:

Fun on the kiddie rides:

Saturday, we were determined to make it better. We made our show....well, some of us did. Chad got to take Ally out because she threw up during the first act. I took Evie out to nurse her because she wouldn't quit crying in the show long enough to eat. Gage played a little on a slide and had a little more fun. On the ride home Ally threw up again...and then RIGHT as we pulled in to the garage at the house, Nathan did the same. I couldn't look at them for fear I would be next. Chad and Tonya were starting to feel bad as well, and I still hadn't eaten a real meal. We pouted on the couch for the rest of the night. Ally threw up in her bed that night. I don't think anybody slept well at all. Everybody kind of laid low the next day, hoping we would recoop enough to salvage the trip.

Monday was better. We went to Bass Pro and Lamberts and everyone's tummies cooperated. Tuesday we went down to Branson Landing and then headed home.

If this were a video you would hear all 4 parents yelling "Gage, look at Mama. Ally, look at Miss Jessica." Over and over and over....to no avail:

I want a do-over. I don't think it's fair to look forward to a trip like that and then it be terrible. I only have a few pictures, because really, there were very few picture-worthy moments. Nobody wants pictures of sour adults snapping at their sour kids.


Ashley said...

Sorry your trip wasn't that fun! Hope y'all are feeling better now. Evie is getting so big!

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Oh heavens...what a bummer.