Welcome to our little space on the net! This blog is just about our family life, and began as a way to keep family and friends updated on what was going on with my pregnancy with our first son, Gage. We've since added Evie to our family, and I continue to blog about family life, car seats, spina bifida, and anything else that catches my attention.

The Kids

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Just Gage

I haven't had a simply Gage post in a while, and I think it's high time. He's still awesome as ever. He's very much 2- he has HIS way of doing things. He is getting better at obeying the first time I ask him to do something, though, and that makes a mama happy. He is affectionate and sweet. He still loves people- all people. If he wants to speak to someone but doesn't know their name, he just picks the person's name that looks the most like his new friend and calls them that. We see lots of Grandmas, MaeMaes, Magens, Allys, Rachels, and Dustys. He knows all of his letters now and can count to 20 most of the time. Sometimes he leaves out a number or 2.

He is walking better every day. He got a new set of braces a few weeks ago. It has taken a little getting used to (bigger shoes, etc) but he can walk as far as he wants to. He's getting better on uneven surfaces and in the grass. He can walk across a room now without his braces on, even.

Loud noises still scare him. At Nathan's graduation, there were some kids behind us with an air horn. Gage kept his hands over his ears the whole time. He also "hides" when one of his friends gets in trouble. I guess he anticipates the crying or something.

He loves being outside. We've been going to the park occasionally, and he loves to slide. It takes him a while to get to the slide, but he does well.

Gage has had a hair cut since these pics. I need to take some new ones of him!

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