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The Kids

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Evie is 9 months old!

[I wrote this last week and I'm just now getting around to taking and editing the pics for it!]

Yesterday was Evie's 9 month birthday. She is such a fun, happy baby!

Evie is into everything. She can crawl quickly now and get anywhere she want to go. She loves electrical cords, and they have become our first "no" item. She puts everything in her mouth. EVERYTHING! Gage never really went through this phase, and it's really frustrating!

Evie can pull up now. She pulled up on her Daddy while we were visiting Aunt Allie and Uncle Scott in Chattanooga, and in her bed after we got home. Last night, I put her to bed and heard her crying not long after. Tony went to check on her and she was standing in her bed, holding on with one hand and unsure of what to do. She went right to sleep when he put her down.

I think she has signed "milk" after my modeling it to her. She definitely knows what the sign means.

Evie still thinks her brother is hilarious. He keeps her entertained just by being. He'll put a blanket over her head and she just giggles. Several times I have caught him putting the laundry basket that his toys stay in over her head and beating it like a drum. She just laughs.

Her sleep took a nose-dive while we were away, but now that we're back home, she's sleeping well again. It beats all I've ever seen, but the child sleeps like a 3 year old! She goes to bed at about 9. It might take a time or 2 to get her settled, but then she sleeps all night. She occasionally gets up in around 6:30am like she did this morning, but then goes right back to sleep until 8:30 or later. She just now, at 1:30, went down for a nap, and I expect her to sleep a good 2-3 hours. Then she'll be up til bed time again.

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Emmilu said...

She is so big a pretty!! Soon you'll be planning a big party!