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The Kids

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Evie's 10 Months old!

She was actually 10 months Saturday.

She is such a funny baby. She is much more serious than her bother ever was. When people talk to her she studies them. She always knows where Mama is. She doesn't necessarily cry with other people, but she keeps up with my location.

She thinks Gage is hilarious. He is one person that can make her laugh every time. Her favorite game is for him to fake-sneeze in her face. They enjoy playing in her crib together, jumping and singing or yelling. It's nice for me to be able to get some stuff done without them both under foot.

Evie is signing "milk" on her own now, and has signed "daddy" to me and grinned when I said "Daddy". Just today she was saying "bye bye bye bye bye" while waving bye-bye.

She crawls with lightening speed, pulls up on the furniture, and is into EVERYTHING. I can't list the stuff I have pull out of her mouth.

She has quite a temper. You can tell when crying goes from sad to a temper tantrum. She balls her fist up and turns red in the face as she screams.

She'll pretty much eat anything now. I decided to give baby food a try, and she loves it. She'll eat small soft food like cooked veggies or fruits, or will eat jarred food. She likes puffs and Cheerios to keep her busy.

She is awesome in the car. She will sleep for a lot of a long trip and will laugh and play with her brother while she's awake.

She still has the same 6 teeth and I don't see any more coming.

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Emmilu said...

So cute!!! Love the purple!