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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swim lessons and sushi

Today, Gage started swim lessons.  It has been kind of a hassle for me, but it all worked out in the end so I'm happy.  I was up front with the place offering the classes and told them of Gage's limitations.  I did this really just wanting to make sure someone more experienced or familiar with his limitations could be his teacher.  When I told them, though, they said they first wanted him to have a private lesson to evaluate his ability to be placed in a class, then proceed with classes if he could.  That hit me a little wrong, I guess.  I completely understand their hesitation and need to make sure all of their students are safe in the water, but still.  All of Gage's friends were able to sign up, sight-unseen, and go to class. My irrational sadness about it all wasn't helped by the fact that the girl that we were scheduling with is a busy college student and didn't call me when she said she would.  We didn't know until yesterday afternoon that he would even have a lesson today.  Classes started today, so if she didn't call, I was afraid Gage would just miss class altogether.

Anyway, enough with my issues.  Gage went to his private lesson today, and the instructor told Tony that he'd be fine in a class before she was even done with him.  He apparently had a ball, and did what he was asked to do.  He'll start class tomorrow morning with a group.  He'll have a class Wed-Fri this week, then Mon-Thurs next week.  He'll get done just in time for us to leave for Grumpy and Addie's Friday, where I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time in the pool!

So, I missed the whole swim lesson thing today because I went to eat sushi with friends.  I can't believe I wasted, what 29 years or so without sushi in my life!  I'm so glad Kroger carries it now so I can at least get my fix between outings.

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