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The Kids

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh clinic, how we've missed you (not!)

Gage had spina bifida clinic at ACH Thursday.  We always look forward to seeing Becky (the SB specialty nurse) and the possibility of running into friends, but generally don't enjoy the appointments.  This time wasn't so bad.

We started in triage, which is always a nightmare.  Gage is terrified of the "squeeze" (blood pressure cuff) so they either a) do it anyway and get a crazy high reading or b) do without.  We went with B.  They took us to a room and he proceeded to play with the manual blood pressure cuff in the room for the remainder of our time there.

First we saw an ortho resident and med student.  They were really great.  He asked the resident if the student was his daddy, and made sure they understood that he was not going to do the squeeze.  Dr. E came in then and spent some time with us.  Gage's lower right leg is definitely shorter than the left.  Reesha (PT) and Patrick (brace guy) are working on compensating for that.  He was pleased with Gage's progress since surgery.

Then we saw Beth.  Beth appeared to be about 45 years old, was a mousy thing who talked through her nose, and is a med student.  She had NO personality.  Seriously, I don't think she's ever talked to a child before, much less one who talks as much as Gage does.  She was asking Gage things like "Can you extend your knee?"  He's 3.  He doesn't have a clue what you mean, lady.

Anyway, Dr. S came in after that and she was much better.  She checked Gage over, too, and said she was pleased with his progress.  She wasn't thrilled with his bracing, and didn't seem to hear me when I said that we were working on that.  Oh well.

Last, Michael, the PT came in.  We generally feel that meeting with PT is nearly useless since we have Reesha, but we like Michael, so we don't say anything about it.  He's great with kids, and Gage really liked him.  We had Gage saying "goniometer" by the end of the visit.  He measured the range of motion in his joints, and did his best to manual muscle test him.  Both of those things are difficult with a little kid.  He was happier with his bracing and said that he seemed to be doing really well.

So no new news from that visit.  Gage is getting a new right brace and maybe some sort of shoe change to account for the leg length discrepancy when Reesha and Patrick figure things out.  The brace should be in next week some time.

This guy is the only other thing going on with us. 
He showed up on our back porch Thursday morning after a big storm.  The kids came in the living room talking about Katie being outside.  I knew she was in the bathroom.  He hasn't ventured out of our yard since.  Gage has named him Buster, and both of the kids (and I) just love him.  He looks like he's mostly beagle, and he's still pretty puppyish.  He has baby teeth.  Katie is not bothered by him, which is unusual for her! 


Jamie said...

Oh boy, that nurse sounds like a... gem (insert saracasm). What a cute pooch!

Sabre said...

Wow that med student needs to brush up on her bedside manner. Geez!

Do you have name for the puppy that adopted you?

Jessica said...

Sabre- Gage has named him Buster, like the dog from Toy Story. Turns out, it's also the name of my mom's childhood dog.