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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11-01 Reflection

With all of the TV specials and Facebook posts, I can't help but reflect on this day, too.

Ten years ago today, I was in OT school.  I had an 8am class that morning, and, as usual, had the TV on as I rushed around my little apartment getting ready to walk to campus.  The news of the first plane crashing into the first tower broke just before I had to walk out the door.  At the time, there was still just speculation as to what had happened, and I chose to believe it was probably a small plane that had lost its way and accidentally flew into the towers.  There was some mention of it being a terrorist attack, but even then, nobody was going to hurt me down here in Arkansas.  Those things only happened in places like New York or maybe Los Angeles. 

Then I got to class and heard about the 2nd tower.  There was no way it was an accident now.  I know we went on with class that day.  I guess we heard about the 3rd and 4th planes after class sometime.

Through all of it, I was still quite caviler.  "It can't happen to me" is what kept playing in my mind, and it made me feel safe.  I still didn't get the magnitude of the whole situation for several days, or maybe a week.  It was really just a source for gossip more than anything.  I was 22 and invincible.

Now, 10 years later, I am married and have become the steward of 2 little lives.  The tragedy of that day brings tears to my eyes so easily today where none flowed 10 years ago.  Ten years ago we saw the pictures of the planes crashing into those buildings, and the people running, and we saw the pictures of the broken Pentagon, and that hole in the field of PA.  Ten years ago we saw images of things.  Today we hear stories of people.  It's the people that affect me.

The widow of one of the men killed that day was interviewed for a special I saw last night.  She spoke of trying to explain to her then 5 year old  that Daddy wasn't going to come home.  No, she couldn't call him on his cell phone and the post man couldn't give him a letter.  I can't imagine trying to tell my 4 year old something like that, and know my 1 year old would never understand and never remember.  It's heartbreaking to even think about. 

So today, I honor those who lost loved ones that day, and the public servants that risked everything to help those who might still be alive.

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