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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Evie is TWO!

I've been a terrible blogger lately, but I can't let this weekend get away from me before I acknowledge that my sweet baby girl is now TWO!!

Evie's just had a language explosion.  Her Bible class teacher asked me last week when she started talking.  My answer was "pretty much yesterday."  She's a funny little girl with a funny personality.  She still does the "Evie dance" when she is eating something she loves.  She loves shoes and jewelry.  She is my gatherer.  She'll often walk around the house with an arm full of whatever.

She's lovable and cuddly, at least for a minute.  She loves her brother and tries to emulate everything he does.  She gets upset when she can't do the things that he does, i.e. go to PT.  She's also very stubborn and self-willed.  She tells me "no" if she doesn't want to obey.  She's sneaky, unlike her brother, who couldn't be sneaky in his wildest dreams.

Watching her face light up and seeing her run after her Daddy when he comes home from work is too sweet.  Going shopping with her is a challenge if the aisles are narrower than her wing span.  We spend the entire trip with her grabbing and saying "Hab it."  When we go to a grocery store with the plastic cars on the front, I have to check the cab for candy bars before we leave because she tends to stock up while we're in line.  She's doing this new thing where she will "scare" you with her hands up in claws and her growling.  We need a picture of that.

Until then, here are some birthday pics.

Birthday morning.

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