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Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Week in Pictures

My friend Megan challenged me to post "my week in pictures."  I haven't posted much lately, so hopefully this will get me back into it.  I have been more aware of taking pictures as the week progressed, so maybe next week will be better.  I also have no idea what day we did what, so this will just be a collection of pics without much of a time-line

This is Buster.  He was a stray that showed up last August.  Tony insisted he was NOT staying here, but, here he is.  He's a sweet dog, we think 1/2 Basset 1/2 lab.  He is always velcroed to one of us if we're outside.  This is where he stays if the kids are on the play set.  He was a little destructive at first, but he's calmed down. 

This is his favorite past time.

Hydrangeas are my very favorite flower.  I used them in my wedding, and have killed more than I can count.  I've had these 3 in my front bed for years, and while they leaf out, they stay small and rarely flower.  This year, I mulched, Miracle Grow'd, and have been religiously watering them, and they rewarded me with this!

I think this is from last weekend, which was technically last week, but I'll share it anyway.  Evie rode in the 3rd row with me while the in-laws were with us.

They also brought the kids these bubble blowers, which were enjoyed by all.

Gage got this shirt, which I love.  We are huge Dispicable Me fans, and particularly love the minions.  Tony and I searched high and low for a shirt like this while at Universal Studios in Orlando.  I found one last week at JC Penny in Conway.

Tuesday was a friend's kid's birthday party at Playworld.  My kids love Playworld.  I kind of hate it.  They love to climb in this big play structure, only, it's HARD, and they both get stuck.  They go down this tube slide  and climb around, following the maze.  Then they get to this tube that they have to climb OVER, and well...neither can.  A friend's kid had to go help push them back up the slide to get them out so we could leave.

We are TRYING to get Evie to pee on the potty.  She loves to sit on the potty and sing and talk, but she just won't pee. She hasn't even accidentally peed so I could give her one of the M&Ms that she really wants, and that has been sitting on the bathroom counter for weeks.  I've let her sit on the little pink potty chair, the big potty with the ring on top, and the big potty facing backwards.  No dice.  Apparently the monkey enjoys the potty too.  She told me "Monkey pee pee" when she did this:

For Mother's Day, I ordered myself a mother's necklace and it arrived this week.  Tony asked me what I wanted, and I told him, showed it to him, and took care of it.  He felt bad for not doing anything himself, but this is one of the first times that he's asked what I wanted and I actually knew.  The top disc says "Gage Anthony  Evelyn Ruth" and the bottom disc "for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."  It was made by this Etsy merchant (AJs Custom Jewelry), and was REALLY reasonably priced.

So this is a little TMI, but it's a big deal for us, at least we hope.  Due to Gage's spina bifida, he does not have bowel or bladder control.  The bladder control isn't so bad, but the other means that sometimes he poops a little all day long, and sometimes he gets really backed up.  It's been the biggest daily pain of all with the SB.  I have a friend who moved to the DFW area, who has a kid 9 months older than Gage, who also has SB.  He and Gage are a lot alike with their bowel and bladder function.  When she moved, she called me and said "everybody down here cones.  I'm going to try it."  "Coning" means using a cone enema to clean out the lower bowel once a day or every other day, at a given time, so as to avoid those accidents.  If a kid has the bladder part under control due to cathing or surgery, they can often wear undies and not worry about accidents.  It took us forever talking to the urologist and the medical supply place for them to figure out what we were talking about, but we finally did, and we'll get a delivery a month from UPS with supplies.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this gigantic box of supplies. 

Evie's a quirky little girl.  This is her way of accessorizing. 

Which reminds me- those scrapes on her face.  She fell out of a swing at the babysitter's Thurs and did that.  It looked horrible the day she did it, but it's getting better now.

She's also a girly girl and loves her pretty toes

My parents came this weekend.  Evie loves her PawPaw

More bubbles

My parents bring their neurotic German Shepherd when they come.  Katie-dog hates her and wants to eat her face, so Katie doesn't get to play when she comes.  It's kind of sad to be banished to isolation in your own house.

Evie decided to pose while we were outside

And then we get this

She loves my flowers.

She figured out that they actually pop- like make an audible pop when you squeeze them!  So, she popped them all.  That's probably the end of my balloon flower crop for the year.

And finally, a slide picture.

I promise to do better with "on Monday we did this, and Tuesday we did that" in the weeks to come. :)

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