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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yet another Summer Week in Pictures

We've had a busy week, although I'm not sure my pictures reflect that.  We had VBS all week.  The VBS we go to is a little different than what I would expect most have.  The kids all go to class and then the adults have a class as well.  It's nice not to have to find something to do in town for an hour and 1/2, and nice to be able to have a class without the kids, too.  They both loved it.

Sunday morning, I tried to be sneaky and take a picture of Evie coloring Gage's coloring sheet from class.  I failed.  My flash went off.

Monday in PT, Gage started wearing his Theratogs, and Wednesday, she accidentally sent them home.  These aren't really "his."  they belong to the clinic and he will be getting his own set soon.  Gage loves his "blue thangs" I am okay with them, and Tony hates them.  They go under his clothes, and just help to support his trunk and hips, and encourage muscles to work in a certain way.  It is supposed to help his posture so he can walk better.  The problem is that they take a while to get on and off, and they're a little hot.  With temps approaching 100, that's not good.

We also met with the orthotist Wed. and discussed Gage's bracing.  He's getting new custom braces soon.  These will be built-up a bit on the R side, as will the R shoe, to make up for his leg-length discrepancy.  I hate being tied to 1 pair of shoes, but if he does okay with it, then I guess I'll deal, and these shoes shouldn't be as noticeably different as these were.

While we waited for the ortho to get there, and while Gage was in PT, Evie came to play in my office.    He has PT on Mon and Wed, and I work on Tues and Thurs.  I am in the "part time OT" office, which is a smallish offices with 3 desks and 3 little tables.  It is usually home to 4 part-time OTs, but this summer, we have 2 school therapists seeing kids, too, so there are 6 of us in there.  Thankfully, there are other places in the clinic to treat, so we aren't usually all in there at the same time.  I'll tell you, even 3 therapists with 3 kids and a couple of wheelchairs makes the room REALLY difficult to work in.

The desks are set up in the middle of the room in a T-shape.  This is one side, from the door.

This is where I usually am.  This is the desk and table that faces the door.

Monday we went to the Lipps'.  Chad has a drum set in the garage.  Gage hates loud noises, but totally rocked it out with the headphones on.

They live in the country and have a dirt driveway, which is why the drums are covered in dust.

Evie played croquet while Gage drummed

For some reason, I've gotten 3 sling orders in 1 week.  I finished the first Wed.

Looking at the sling fabric I have made me look at the scraps from past slings, and I decided to make these for Evie out of too-short jeans

I had planned to meet up with an out-of-town friend today, but Evie woke up with a fever :(.  When Evie is sick, she pukes, no matter what.  I think she has a super gag reflex and gets gagged on drainage.

And then she felt better, so we went out to the play set for a while

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