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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I want to live at Hogwarts

I have such trouble deeming something blog-worthy these days.  This trip was awesome, though.

 We left Friday, Feb 15 at 4:00 am, caravaning with the Lipp family.  We stopped in the Memphis area for breakfast, then headed for Dothan, AL, where we were staying the night.  We got to Dothan and checked in to our hotel.  Yeah, Dothan is a much bigger place than I had imagined, and everyone within a 50 mile radius was there to eat dinner.  We finally found a little Mexican place that didn't seem very busy, but it was obviously well above what they were used to.  Anyway, kids swam and we slept, then got back on the road in the morning.
At a rest stop in Florida
The house was awesome.  If you wanna go to the Orlando area and stay in a house instead of a hotel, I highly recommend this one.  The owner was easy to deal with and the house itself was awesome.  We were able to spread out and get comfortable.  It was great to have a kitchen.  With 5 bedrooms, the adults stayed down stairs and the kids all stayed up.  There is even a game room.  The drive to Universal wasn't bad at all.

Our first day in the park was Monday, and the high was right at 70 degrees, I think.  The crowds were the worst Monday, I think.

The gate to Hogsmeade
waiting in line

Gage's favorite attraction.  Tried to take the pic just as the engine's steam blew and Gage ran

in the greenhouse at Hogwarts
The rest of the week was upper 70s to mid 80s, and awesome.  I won't describe it day-by-day.  My kids rode anything they were big enough to ride.  They are adrenaline junkies.  Gage screams on the roller coasters, and Evie holds her hands in the air.  Gage talked to every character we came across, and Evie hid behind me.
Gru and the girls

Minion dance party at the end of minion training

Gage to Marilyn "It's so good to see you!!!"

I turned around and couldn't find him because the Hop bunnies had pulled him out into the street to dance

Petting her horsey

The castle at night
Hogsmeade a night

His favorite conductor

at Downtown Disney

One Fish Two Fish

Grinching the Grinch

Serious Black

Some of the talking portraits inside the castle

It was a long trip, but we had SO much fun.  I hope we can go back soon.

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