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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A blessing and a curse

Gage had some braces.  They were the same style he'd had for some time, and they seemed to be  working just fine.  Over time, he developed a callous on the lateral side of his right foot, at the base of his 5th metatarsal.  His foot has a curved deformity and he tends to turn it over on the lateral side.  Basically he was putting all of his weight on the side of his foot and the brace wasn't enough to keep it from happening.

So, I tried to deal with this callous and I would shave it down every so often.  I didn't do that for a while and it got hard.  One day, it pulled away from the flesh underneath and made a little tiny blister on his foot.  Around this time, he also skinned the top of his foot pretty bad and made me think he might have cracked something, so I took him to the doctor.
You can see that it had turned red and blistered a little but that wasn't the focus at the time.  That boo boo up by his ankle was. This was Nov 5.

A few days later, the blister popped and it looked like this.  It still didn't look too bad.

Here is where we realized it was pulled away all up under the callous and it was deep.

And then it started to look like this. (Nov 21).  Went back to the doc and was put on antibiotics and a different way to dress it.  Also got a walking boot since he couldn't wear his brace but still needed ankle stability if he was going to walk.  It was huge and made him twist his knee in a bad way.  Ended up on a 2nd round of stronger antibiotics, and got referred to ACH's PT department for wound care.  The PT there cleaned it up, we got a protocol for cleaning and dressing it, and we were off, again.
This is my "it looks better" on Dec 22.  All that white is just callous, but the sore is still there.

We had SB clinic at ACH last week and I asked to have PT come up and look at it for me.  It was pretty much still the size as it is above.  This time, he got this cast, more dressing stuff, and instructions for him to be completely off of it until it heals.

Did you hear that?  OFF of it.  Anybody that knows Gage knows how hard that is.  The first day, I felt like I said "get off your foot" 100 times, but he crawls around now, no problem.  As is typical for him, I don't hear any complaints.  We change the dressing twice a day.  We have a borrowed adult wheelchair.  It weighs a ton and is hard to get in the Expy, but we're making it work.  His custom chair should be in this week anyway.  

So, the fact that he doesn't have sensation on that part of his foot is a blessing, because he doesn't feel that pain that should be there with such a big sore.  He doesn't feel it when I or the PT cut out the dead skin and scrub it.  It's a curse because this thing probably never would have happened if he had sensation.  It pulled away and we had no idea because he couldn't tell us it hurt.  

On a related note, we're actually excited about him getting his first chair.  I never thought I'd say that.  Gage walks well, and I'm so thankful for that.  This experience has showed us just how useful a chair would be.  Up to now, we've used a stroller for longer outings, but he's outgrown it, and I sold it.  It was getting interesting with the assumptions about this big kid in a stroller.  I guess "stigma" of wheelchair is a lot better than "stigma" of really big kid in a stroller.  I'm going to TRY to post about his new chair when it gets here.

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Cheryl McJunkins said...

Praying that the foot heals well. Gage is such a trooper and inspiration to many.